Other speakers and rapporteurs in Conference 2014

* Originally posted on November 04, 2014.

In two days, the Economic Freedom Network (EFN) Asia Conference 2014 will start here at Harbour Grand Hong Kong. Here are the speakers and rapporteurs of Session 2: Reality Checking in Asia, Asian Cafe. This will be on Day 1, November 6.

First sub-session:

– Hong Kong/Peter Wong, Executive Director, LRI/TBC

– Thailand/Dr. Sethaput Suthiwart-Narueput, Executive

Chairman, Thailand Future Foundation/Armin Reinartz, Senior Analyst, FNF Southeast and East Asia

– Bangladesh/Dr Naushad Faiz, Economic Consultant, Mir Shahabuddin Mohammad, Secretary General, FBCCI (TBC)

– Myanmar/Aye Kyaw, Principal of Myanmar Human

Resource Institute/Nway Nway Soe, Programme Manager, FNF Myanmar

– Sri Lanka/Dr Harsha De Silva, Member of Parliament, UNP,

Sri Lanka/TBC

I gathered photos from the web and facebook of these people. In case there are mistakes in the photos that I showed here, my apologies to the person/s concerned.

Photos by row, 1st row: Peter Wong, Naushad Faiz, Shahabuddin Mohammad.
2nd row: Armin Reinartz, Sethaput Narueput, Aye Kyaw.
3rd row: Nway Nway Soe, Harsha De Silva, Mao Shoulong.


Second sub-session:

– China/Dr Mao Shoulong, Professor, Academy of Public Policy, Rennmin University/Rachaphum Panichsombat, Senior Analyst, Sasin Institute for Glabal Affairs, Thailand

– Indonesia/Ulil Absar Abdalla, Freedom Institute,

Indonesia/Raja Juliantoni, the Indonesian Institute

– Pakistan/Dr Ayub Mehar, Director General (R&D),

Federation of Pakistani Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI)/TBC

– Mongolia

– Vietnam/Dr Le Dang Doanh, Senior Economist, Association of Vietnam’s Economists /Dau Anh Tuan, Director General of the Legal Department of Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry

– Bhutan Sunil Kumar Rasaily, Senior Partner, QED Group/TBC.

Third sub-session:

– Korea/ Dr Choi Byung-il, Professor, Ewha Womans University, Korea/ Dr Lars-Andre Richter, Resident

Representative, Korea

– Malaysia/Wan Saiful Wan Jan, Chief Executive, Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs (IDEAS), Malaysia/ Fareeza Ibrahim, Southeast Asia Network for Development (SEANET)

– The Philippines/Nonoy Oplas, President, Minimal Government Thinkers, The Philippines/

Rhea Lyn Dealca, Administrative and Operations Manager, Foundation for Economic Freedom, The Philippines

– India/Dr Sumita Kale, Chief Economist, Indicus Analytics/TBC

– Nepal/Arpita Nepal, Director of Research and Development, Samriddhi Foundation/TBC

– Cambodia

Photos by row.
1st row: Ulil Absar Abdalla, Raja Juliantoni, Ayub Mehar.
2nd row: Le Dang Doanh, Dau Anh Tuan, Fareeza Ibrahim.
3rd row: Rhea Lyn Dealca, Sumita Kale, Arpita Nepal.


On Day 2, November 7, Session 5 key speaker will be Dr. Tom Palmer of Atlas, USA.

In the afternoon, Session 6 key speaker will be Dr. Munir Majid, IDEAS Council member.

Then a special CALD-EFN Joint Session. Welcome Remarks to be given by Hon. Oyun Sanjaasuren, MP Chairperson, Council of Asian Liberals and Democrats (CALD), Bill Stacey of LRI, and

Hon. Markus Löning, Former German Federal Government Commissioner for Human Rights Policy and Humanitarian Aid.

They Keynote Address will be given by Hon. Emily Lau, MP Legislative Councillor, Hong Kong.

A panel discussion will follow with the following speakers:

Hon. Sin Chung Kai, MP Legislative Councillor, Hong Kong

Dr. Parth Shah, President, Centre for Civil Society, India

Hon. Saumura Tioulong, MP Member of the Cambodian National Assembly

Dr. Sethaput Suthiwart-Narueput, Thailand Future Foundation.

Photos by row.
1st row: Tom Palmer, Munir Majid, Oyun Sanjaasuren.
2nd row: Markus Löning, Emily Lau, Sin Chung Kai.
3rd row: Parth Shah, Saumura Tioulong, Kenneth Chen Wei-on.


There will be a visit at the Hong Kong  Legislative Council (LEGCO). Speeches to be given by Hon. Kenneth Chen Wei-on, SBS Secretary General of the Secretariat Hong Kong Legislative Council, and Dr. Chee Soon Juan, Secretary General, Singapore Democratic Party.

A Gala dinner for CALD, EFN and Liberal International (LI) participants will follow with speeches by four key personalities.

Dr. Juli Minoves – Triquell, President of LI, Bill Stacey of LRI, Siegfried Herzog, Regional Director for Southeast and East Asia, and Martin Lee,  Founding Chairperson, Democratic Party of Hong Kong.

From left: Chee Soon Juan, Juli Minoves – Triquell, Martin Lee.

Lots of bright speakers to look forward to by Thursday and Friday. Excited to hear and learn from them.


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